Sunday, 24 August 2014

Summertime Sunshine


  We trust you have had a great summer. We have certainly seen God bless in a great number of ways.This has been the best summer we have seen weather wise since we moved here 12 years ago. Lots of sun and not as much rain has made for a pleasant few months.

  We had a family start visiting the church back in the spring and they have been faithful ever since. They have 7 children and it is such a blessing to see them come in each and every Sunday. The sound of children is a wonderful thing and kids are always full of surprises. They have chipped in to help and have been an encouragement to us.

  Kent was asked to preach a youth camp in Washington state and so he flew out for two weeks in July. The most difficult thing for us to is find someone to cover the pulpit when we need to be away. There just are not many "spare" sound preachers around this island. God graciously provided men for both Sundays Kent was gone. One is a young, English man training for the ministry here in England who was able to preach for us and the other was a pastor/friend from the States who was doing a study course at Oxford University this summer and he was able to sneak away for the weekend and help us out. What a blessing these two were!!

  We hosted a Spanish student again this year for a month and that went well. Always glad to open our home and tell people about the Gospel. Finishing school, Andrea finished leading another year of Girl Guides, Kent doing a triathlon and a half-marathon, Deidra growing a few more inches and Davis working construction part time and we have had a bust but great time this summer.

  Our balloon race is coming up in September as well as a visit from a missionary who is coming to work with us here in England. The Grissom family is starting deputation to return to England and we are excited to see God working in their life.

  We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store this autumn.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Dear Pastor and Church,

  We have several good things to report on in this letter. God has always been good to us but we need to do better in giving Him credit for all He does for us. Just the grace He has extended to allow us to minister here for the last 11 ½ years is too much to comprehend. We are grateful He has provided for us in such a bountiful manner and as always have no complaints about how Gods has treated us.

  We hosted a missionary retreat earlier this spring and it went very well. We had invited a small number of missionaries for this initial event in order to give it a test run. The consensus was this should be an annual event and we are already making plans for 2015 and to invite a lot more missionary families. It is good to get away once in a while and have a time of fellowship. Perhaps there is a pastor out there that would like to come and preach the retreat one of these years?????
Snowtubing at the retreat
  In March we had something take place that had never before happened in our time here. We had a complete family from our area come visit our services. We have had single visitors, just one adult or one adult and a few kids but never a husband, wife and children. What a blessing and an encouragement!!!  Did they come as a result of our letterboxing? Our candy canes? Our booths at the various community events?  No, they came as a result of meeting Andrea and the kids at a homeschool event about 5 years ago and remembered their testimony. They recently moved to our town, remembered our family and decided to visit the church. They have been faithful in every service since and we are pleased to see folks interested in not just coming to church but being involved in church.

  We were able to sneak back to the States for a few weeks in April to celebrate
 Andrea’s parents 50th wedding anniversary. It was good to spend some time with family and honor her parents for their years of faithfulness. God supplied a former missionary to England to come and watch the work here in Liskeard and all was well when we returned.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Missionary Retreat


One of our speakers

The Ice Luge
  Some good things are happening and we are thanking God for his presence in our ministry. We have always had a burden for missionary families on the field. There are some many pressures on them that many start to fracture and need to leave the field to mend. Seldom do they return. Winter is a tough time in Northern Europe. The days are short, grey and it sure does rain alot. By the time February rolls around it seems like you have been confined inside for months. We were talking in January that someone should organize a fellowship and then decided it should be us. We decided to host the retreat in Manchester so it would be centrally located on the island. Having never been to Manchester posed no problem as Andrea and I took a short scouting trip to make arrangements. We had 20 turn out with another 14 unable to come due to last minutes issues of life. We only invited a small number of missionaries since this was a test run but look forward to expanding it next year to many more.

We have also had some visitors to services lately.
What a blessing and encouragement that is. Recently we hadf a local family come to visit. In the 12 years we have been here that was the first time a complete family from our area has come to visit the church. Little by little seems to be the key.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dear Pastor and Church,


  We want to thank each and every one who sent Christmas greetings and for those who sent a special offering for Christmas. It means a lot to me be remembered during such a busy tome of the year.

  We had a great turnout for our Thanksgiving dinner including a number of new attendees. Many people are still wary of our intentions but are pleasantly surprised when they find out we just eat.

  We handed out candy canes in the town centre of Liskeard for the 11th year running. Each year we buy at least 1,000 and some years many more. That means we have handed out over 11,000 candy canes with church invites. To give you an idea as to the spiritual interest of the British we have had one visitor in the eleven years as a direct result of the handout. Is it worth it?  Sure it is, they heard the Gospel when they came to our church service.

  We had a nice quiet Christmas with family here and enjoyed a few days away at a missionary Christmas retreat. Always a joy to have some fellowship.

  We continue to have Sunday services in Liskeard but are printing a brochure for nearby towns as well in the attempt to start some Bible studies in those areas. We covet your prayers in this endeavor. We are also hosting a Missionary Retreat at the end of this month. There seems to be a gap in the winter for meetings and I got to thinking someone should organize a meeting. We are praying it can be a blessing to serving families. With the average missionary only staying on the field for less than 4 years there is a need to do all we can to help the ones that are here to stay on the field.

  The family is well and blessed by good health. We appreciate your sacrifice in prayer and giving so we can be here spreading the Gospel.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

December Doings


  For a number of years we have tried to attend a Christmas banquet put on by a church in Manneim, Germany. The banquet is put on for missionaries and our family went for the first time in 2005. It is not every year we can go but when it works out it has always been an enjoyable trip for the family. In conjunction with the trip to the banquet, we have tried to take our children to see some of the sights in Europe. They have been able to see Paris, Brugges, Prague, several castles in Germany as well as numerous other sights on the way there and back. The banquet was a true joy this year as usual and afterwards we decided to just hang out in Germany for a few days. A church near Stuttgart had a missions apartment we could stay in so we stayed there and visited some sights we had not seen before. We especially enjoyed the Christmas markets.  Kent had the privilege of preaching in a military church on the Wednesday eve and we enjoyed the fellowship that we so often miss here in Cornwall. It was good to have some time away as a family but it is always nice to get back home.
Versailles Palace

Christmas Market in Heidelburg

Deidra trying some fried potatoes

Then as soon as we got home we had our candy cane handout. This is the 11 straight year we have passed out candy canes with a church invite here in our town of Liskeard. We average around 1,000 candy canes a year and have a good time doing it.
Davis working in front of the Post Office.
Several weeks of regular services as well as our special carol service on the eve of the 22nd rounded out the month.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Catch Up

First a few pictures from our booth at the St Matthew's Fayre.

Then in November we hosted our annual family Thanksgiving Dinner. As always we went to Plymouth on Thanksgiving Day and did some shopping. Dinner at Pizza Hut was followed by a bit mroe shopping as stores are open past 5:00PM on Thursdays before Christmas. Then on Friday, we host a dinner. This year we had 32 friends join us. A great time was had by all.

This is Matthew Brazzier. He lived with us for a few months back in 2010 while he awaited foster care. While he was with us the concept of salvation never became clear to him. We were able to find a Christian home for Matt to go to and as a result, he got saved whilst there. What a blessing it was to hear his testimony. 

Some missionary friends helping out in the kitchen.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Neighborhood cookout

Dear Pastor and church,

  The 33rd chapter of Ezekiel speaks of the watchman on the wall and his duty to warn the people. How the people react is not on his account, only his actions which he can control. Many times in these last days we can get discouraged when the people do not heed the warnings but we need to remember God rewards us for our faithfulness and not our results.

  In July, we once again had a booth at the Liskeard Show. It was a good day despite the blistering heat. We hit 83 degrees that day which is just 3 degrees from the all-time high here in Cornwall. We were blessed to have some good conversations. The next week we had a small group from Montana come to Liskeard and help us letterbox for a few days. The day they arrived was also the day our Spanish exchange student arrived as well as the date for our neighborhood bbq at our house.
Winner of the bench at Liskeard Show

  August was youth camp and Kent preached the morning service each day, Andrea was the assistant chef, Davis was the games helper and Deidra just got to be a camper. There were two young campers who trusted Christ on Friday morning for which we praise God. September was the St. Mathews Fayre and our balloon race. Wind and heavy rain made for a low turnout but the gospel was shared with many. We were blessed to have folks come from supporting churches in the States to help with both camp and the balloon race. Always nice to have people come to the mission field to serve.

Kent teaching at camp
  Autumn means our Thanksgiving meal outreach, preaching a series on the family at a preacher’s fellowship and starting to buy candy canes for our 10th candy cane handout. 

  We covet your prayers as we cry aloud from the wall!